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Earn Free Baby Items!

The ANPC's Positive Parenting Progam is a great way to learn to be a good parent while earning the many things you will need for your new baby.  Classes are in a one on one setting with a facilitator who will present topics such as the importance of prenatal care, baby development, what to expect in each trimester and so much more.  We have recently expanded our program to include life skills like money management.  You can stay with the program after your baby is born, too!  This will help you continue to provide for your baby as your precious little one grows.

For your participation, you will earn Baby Bucks to spend in our exclusive Baby Boutique to buy things like a crib, mattress, car seat, clothes, toiletries and diapers.  It's so easy!

For example; you can easily earn up to 6 bucks per visit through participation.  A crib is 30 baby bucks.  So you can earn a new crib in just weeks!  We even have a layaway program so you can earn more than one item at a time.

All Positive Parenting Classes must be scheduled. Classes are normally done between the hours of 10:00 - 1:00 on Monday - Thursday.  If you are employed, we will try to work with your schedule. The program is free so call to sign up and for more information at 442-4438.


    Baby Bucks are easy to earn! 


Free to all new and expectant moms and dads!


Positive Parenting Classes

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