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Become A Prayer Warrior

We covet the prayers of God's people and ask that you keep the ANPC on your church's and personal prayer lists.  There are times when we have crisis situations that need to be lifted up.  We will send out a "prayer alert" e-mail to our Prayer Warriors.  If you are interested in being an ANPC Prayer Warrior, please e-mail us at or let us know through the Contact Us page on this site.

Financial Gifts

The ANPC relies on God's provision through His people.  This ministry is supported solely by local churches and individuals who believe in our mission. We do not receive any type of government funding.  If you would you like to make a tax-deductible gift to the ANPC, please mail your donation to Pregnancy Center, P.O. Box 123, Onley, VA 23418 or you may give online through Paypal below.




Tree of Life

The ANPC's Tree of Life provides the opportunity for you to honor or remember someone by placing a beautiful leaf on the tree that is located in the waiting room of the ANPC.  It is a wonderful way to invest in the ministry.

Gold Leaf $250.00
Silver Leaf $125.00
Baby Memorial Leaf $25.00

(Baby Memorial Leaves are placed to remember babies

that have been lost in the womb or at birth.)

ANPC Volunteer or Staff Leaf $25.00

(Purchase a leaf in honor of one of our wonderful

ANPC Volunteers, Board Members or Staff Members

Click HERE for our Tree of Life Order Form

Become a Life Partner

ANPC Life Partners are those who include us in their monthly giving.  This is a huge blessing to the ANPC because we know we can depend on this support throughout the year.

Click HERE for our Life Partner Form


Host a Benefit Concert with Practicing Praise

Local Christian group, Practicing Praise has been doing concerts in churches all over the eastern shore and beyond since 2001.  Not only do they provide an evening of beautiful music and worship, they take the opportunity to bring awareness of the issue of abortion.  The group has generously chosen the ANPC ministry to bless with the love offerings that are collected at the concerts.  They have raised thousands of dollars to help us keep our doors open.  For scheduling information, call Jack Thomas at 442-4415 or visit  for more information


Help With Baby Supplies

The Baby Boutique is generously supported by our community.  Here are a few suggested ways to help new moms and dads practically:

  • Host a baby shower.  Many churches and groups hold a traditional type of baby shower and guests bring gifts for the ANPC's Baby Boutique.  You can still play games, eat cake and have fun.  When it comes time to open gifts, everyone selects a gift to open.  Then you hear lots of "that's so cute!", "awwww" and "they didn't have that when I had a baby!" quotes.  It's a great way to bless the ministry and to have a wonderful time with your friends and family.


  • Receive baby items instead of gifts. Some people have elected to receive baby items in place of gifts for their birthday and/or other types of celebrations.  On your invitation, simply put "instead of gifts, bring an item for the pregnancy center's Baby Boutique."


  • Shop yard sales.  The ANPC gladly takes new and gently used baby items.  A great, inexpensive way to help us is to keep your eye out for bargains at yard sales and thrift stores.*


  • Donate used baby items.  We appreciate gently used items for our baby boutique.  All types of baby items are welcome!*

*Please note that we are unable to receive used car seats and cribs due to changing regulations and safety recalls.



There are several ways to volunteer.  Please check out our opportunities on the ANPC VOLUNTEERS page on this site.