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Pregnancy Tests

Some Common Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Missed or late period
  • Frequent urination
  • Swollen or tender breasts
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Tiredness

If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms, it could be an indicator of pregnancy.  (Please be aware that these symptoms could be an indicator of something else going on as well.) 

We will provide you with a free, confidential pregnancy test and you can read your results during your visit.

Our tests are laboratory quailtiy and detect the hCG pregnancy hormone using MIU Heritage Quick & Clear hCG urine test. Our tests are faster and detect earlier than most every test on the market. 

The test manufacturer states that test results are 99% accurate.

You do not need an appointment for pregnancy test services during regular office hours.  You can walk in on Monday-Thursday between 10:00 - 4:00.  After hours appointments are available by calling us at 442-4438.

This information is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Pregnancy Verification

The ANPC can provide you with Pregnancy Verification Forms for insurance purposes and community organizations. 

Cost of Services

The ANPC does not charge for any of the services we provide. You will not have to supply insurance information and you will never receive a bill.  All of our services are free and confidential.  We receive no financial gain from our services or any decision you may make concerning your pregnancy. 

The ANPC is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization and is made possible by local individuals, businesses and organizations that help cover our costs because they believe in helping women. Many of those involved with the pregnancy center have been involved in similar situations that you may be facing and understand the challenges you may be facing.  The ANPC provides a safe, nonjudgemental enviroment to all who seek our services.