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                   Sarah Shotwell, R.N.                           Shelley Thornton

                 Nurse Sonographer                                   Client Coach                               

                                                                   Betty Chemi                                          Sandy Keeney                                    Client Support Specialist                                 Consultant            

                                                          Jean Harris-Client Coach                            Christine Hill, R.N.

                                                                         Nurse Sonographer


        Sandra Walters                                            Kathleen Garner

    Baby Boutique Manager                                       Client Coach


            Wanda Guy

          Client Coach

 Volunteering at the ANPC

The ministry of the ANPC would not be possible if it were not for the women that God has called to reach

out to women and their families in our community,  The women of the ANPC are very special people

and we are grateful for each one who gives of their heart and their time here. 

Is Volunteering at the ANPC right for you?

Qualifications for an ANPC Volunteer:

Our volunteers:

believe and agree with our Statement of Faith

believe and agree 100% in our mission

demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 

attend and are active in church

live a life of sexual integrity

live a life that honors God 

are women of strong, Godly character 

Volunteer Opportunties:

Positive Parenting Faciliator:

Our Positive Parenting Program is very popular and we are in need of women to facilitate the

program to new and expectant moms and dads.  We use a cirriculum that covers topics from

development of the baby in the womb all the way to potty training.  We also teach life skills like 

budgeting and how to use a recipe.  

Volunteers for this program work weekly and alternating weeks from 10:00 - 1:00 or from 1:00-

4:00.  Its a great way to reach out to new and expectant moms and dads while developing

an ongoing mentor relationship and sharing the love of Christ.

If you are interested in our program, please give us a call at (757) 787-1119 for more information

and a volunteer application. 

Event Volunteers:

We have two main fundraising events each year and we can always use help in setting up 

and working the events.  If you would like to be a part of Laugh for Life or Walk for Life, please give

us a call!